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Spatial conceptualization is a tool we use to gain perspective on abstract concepts like time, emotion and mathematics. Imagining such ideas as objects that we can observe from different angles helps us understand and relate to them. Turning thoughts into things is one of the primary domains of artists. I’m also interested in movement in the other direction; translating physical things through the filter of abstraction. Lately I’ve been thinking about the flipside of our spatial conceptualization of the digital ether: the way a speculative digital entity might understand our physical reality. Usually this work starts somewhere bad. I find inspiration in interruption: a glitch, hiccup or idiosyncrasy that gets in the way of my own productivity. In these moments its easy to see the internet as something human, rather than a cold, impersonal tool. Through a process of research involving reading, writing, feeling and experimentation, a work will emerge. In this way, and because of the growing absence of art objects in my practice, I see my work as exploration rather than expression.

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